Questions Round 1!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1. Did the docs give Tom any Ritalin?
Yes! Yesterday and today.

2. Was he more awake today?
Yes! He has been awake more than asleep (at least since I got here at 11). He is in a great mood, too. Laughing, making jokes. Right now we are trying to get him good at using the nurse call button (a prerequisite for moving to a regular room), and one nurse was joking that before long, they'll regret having given it to him. I said, yeah, especially if he gets a cute nurse. His (cute) male nurse said, "What, are you saying I'm not cute?" and Tom said plain as day, "EXACTLY!" LOL!

3. How are YOU? Eating, sleeping and drinking enough water???
Eating, yes. Sleeping, yes. Thanks to my doctor's appointment 2 days ago. Drinking enough water? No! Ugh. I am so dehydrated. I need to drink more. I'll load up tonight when I go home. The tap water here is pretty gross.

4. Ya'll still in ICU this afternoon?
Yes. They are talking about moving him tonight or tomorrow. That would be pretty cool, although I am very happy here with the staff and facilities in ICU. There is a chance they'll move us to the old hospital for the regular room. It will be shared and much older. Either way, it's a good step!

5. Has he had any physical therapy? Is he moving about - wiggling fingers & toes okay?
Yes, he had a good round today, and the occupational therapist came by, too. He is moving around quite a bit, still struggling with that nurse call button (finding the remote, picking it up, finding the button, and pushing it hard enough.) He's been wiggling limbs like a pro for the last 5 days. :-)


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