Thursday, October 2, 2008

What have you done without my blogging? Something productive and exciting (the opposite of unproductive and boring) no doubt! I have been quite productive, too.

Last weekend was one of the first in a while that I had nothing to do. I did go to dinner with my old boss, and that was a lot of fun. I miss the heck outta that lady. I did a lot of studying and homework. It is so nice to have tons of time to devote to school (even though I don't always use it wisely). The studying paid off because I got an A on my developmental psychology test, which our teacher had us scared to death of.

Yesterday, my mom, my sister, and I met for dinner then went to see Kenny G at the Meyerson Symphony Center. It was great! Kenny G came out from the back of the audience and played a song while strolling up the aisle. At the end of the song, he held out a note for several minutes, which is one of his claims to fame. He uses circular breathing to pull this off. It was funny because he went up and down the aisles shaking hands while holding out the note. At the end of another song, he played this little diddy that is hard to explain, but I'll try anyway - it was really fast, and he switched back and forth between low notes and high notes so fast that it sounded like two sax players, one playing a lower supporting part, and another playing the melody. It was pretty impressive!

At about 9:30, the symphony left the stage, but Kenny's band stayed on and played some Christmas songs. I LOVED IT! Then he ended with "My Heart Will Go On", which made me happy because my mom loves that song, so I was glad it ended on such a good note (pun intended).

Today I drug my butt to school at 8am so I could work on my homework. I also submitted a travel grant application. It's $250, but that's a dent in a trip next year, and the application was easy to complete. Saw the jazz band again at noon. They group them by ability, and this was one of the "eh" ones. They were good (better than me, for sure), just not mind-blowing. Nice free lunchtime entertainment though. Had class, then went to Albertsons. I'm making this tomorrow, Grilled Zucchini Lasagna. Plus I'm making the sauce in the link, doubling it so I can freeze some.

Tonight was exciting because I tried some of my canned escabeche. I chopped some of it up (a garlic clove, a few carrots, 2 jalepenos, and some onion), sauteed it with some breakfast sausage and scrambled a few eggs with it. It tasted AWESOME! Now, if it doesn't make me sick, I'll feel good about giving some of that away.

Tomorrow I'm seeing the Duchess with my sister for sure, hopefully Amanda, and heaven knows who else. A lot of people were invited. Tom is at Sharkathon, so I'm alone til late Sunday night. I'm gonna cook, clean, and study. Woot! Got three exams next week and some homework due, so I need to get busy. (Not tonight though!!! Watching the debate...)

I was flipping through my blog and remembering how much more fun it used to be when I put pictures in. Well, if you hadn't noticed, the blogspot text editor is watered down or something. It is kinda hard to upload pictures now. But let me find something for you. Taken by Vista Ridge Mall 2 Christmases ago.


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