food filled weekend

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We had our DFW chapter get-together on Lake Grapevine yesterday. It went really well! I got a little too much sun, but the red is already gone today. Tom caught a catfish, and the guys who fried the fish did an amazing job. It was delicious! As I mentioned Friday, I made two kinds of coleslaw, a traditional coleslaw and a "Texas slaw". The traditional slaw was very good. I'll make this one often but use Splenda instead of sugar. The Texas slaw was different. I love cilantro and lime, but maybe not in my coleslaw. The cheese didn't really add anything to it, I'm not sure why it was there. :-S

The pictures from the get-together are here:
What you're seeing if you look is a bunch of people in kayaks, people doing a Barbie pole casting competition, and a backward paddle regatta. It was fun.

Canning was the first order of the day. Here is the recipe I used for our 5 lbs of jalepenos.

It is really tasty! It took FOUR hours start to finish to get 15 jars of peppers.

But the "pop" makes it worth it. And this time I had 14 pops. 14 pops for 15 jars. That's right, I have one straggler. If it doesn't pop before we go to bed, I'll just throw it in the fridge and we'll eat them first. What a pain it is to can, but it is so fun and worth it!

And I did get some school work done today. I made flashcards for my developmental psych exam, which is 9/30. But he's got us all scared by saying that his tests are very difficult, so I started early. So far school is still going OK but I keep waiting for it to sneak up on me because it seems deceptively easy.

And with that, I'm signing off.


Lady Blachly said...

You are a canning fool! I don't like japs but those sure look nice!

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