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Thursday, October 9, 2008

If even my sister who never reads my blog noticed. I think she was just making fun of me by complaining, but here is another blog anyway.

I'm annoyed by the presidential election and the new stadium election at school. In both, there are people who feel so strongly about their position that they become condescending bullies who laugh at anyone who doesn't agree with them or isn't sure. We must be stupid, right? I must be stupid for not wanting to make a mandatory $100 donation every semester to the stadium fund. I must be stupid if I don't see right through those "evangelical Christians" running for office and all their evil ways. Do people actually respond positively to being called stupid? I was raised in a Republican family so I naturally lean that way (in lieu of voting for the Libertarian candidate...seriously!), but I'm open to voting Democratic. If I mention at all that I'm still on the fence, I get looks of shock and disgust, like there could possibly be any other way than voting Democrat.

And I'm sick to DEATH of the religious crap. I can laugh at SNL's portrayal of Palin, "I don't know if we're causing global warming or if it's just a natural part of the end of days." That was hilarious! But then people actually sigh and say, "What an idiotic religious nut!" as though she actually said that! Really?! And there is this guy in my developmental psychology class that has this same condescending attitude toward Christians. Don't forget, Christians are evil. They use values and morals and try to convince other people follow them too. What bastards!! Those stinkin' Christians! (Please note the sarcasm dripping off this paragraph.) Maybe I'm stupid (see paragraph 2) but most of the Christians I know are well-intentioned people of faith, not viscious manipulators. This guy in class, when he actually shows up, rarely misses a chance to relate class material to his bitter anti-Christian agenda. Today, it was about how Christians teach people to "fear their genetalia". *barf*

I get that my rant is based around the loudest voices, and aren't the loudest voices always the most obnoxious? Still, for all the change that people desire, no one seems willing to have a civil "I can see this from both sides, but I choose this way because..." discussion about the election.

Bigfoot/Nessie '08! Well that link didn't work,


ColtonandJessica said...

Haha. I know who you are talking about. He must have been troubled as a child. Poor thing, maybe he needs counseling.
Yay!! You are back. I miss your blogs...and if it makes you feel any better, I am COMPLETELY voting against my 100 a semester.
Oh and I don't think you a re a ba person for being on the fence.

Lady Blachly said...

Fences are wonderful. They are each good in their own way. Some are pretty, some are weathered, some are big, some are little. Some fences help keep things in, while some fences help keep things out. Some fences are see through and some are opaque. Wait...why I am talking about fences...?

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