The great week that wasn't

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good things about this week:

  • I worked out 3 days in a row with my new workout buddy Shaneka. We kicked butt. I hope I keep it up next week!
  • Things were pretty slow on the homework front.
  • We started a new research project at work where we don't have to collect data, it already exists, and it's mega-longitudinal. But...(see weird things)

    Weird things about this week:.
  • The project is with my boss and another professor I am really unsure about. She always drops the door on me when I'm walking behind her.
  • On Tuesday, my big water bottle leaked all into my purse and out the bottom, all over the classroom floor.
  • In that same class, TWICE I tried to make a point and couldn't get the words to come out. I felt like a total idiot!
  • Later that day, I got all excited about getting a good parking spot for my night class, then this old man drove up next to me, gave me a dirty look, and drove off.
  • The internet was down on campus for most of Tuesday.
  • So Wednesday, I tried to work from home in case the internet was down on campus.
  • It was down at home instead. Grrrr!
  • I was so freakin' irritable.
  • So I went to school and got a little work done, put my head on the desk and accidentally slept for about 45 minutes.
  • On the clock.
  • I will make it up next week.
  • I got a smoothie from smoothie king at the rec center after my workout. I didn't think about checking the prices because I used to get smoothies all the time for $5 three years ago.
  • Apparently, smoothies at smoothie king cost $7 now.
  • And the low-carb ones taste like vomit sweetened with too much sweet-n-low.
  • I drank it anyway. Because I paid SEVEN DOLLARS for it!
  • Finally, I found out that Weinerschnitzel in Denton closed. I'm pretty upset that we didn't get one last weiner-fest. Oh man, hot dogs and chili cheese fries. HEAVEN.

    So. I'm skipping my last class of the day, and I'll be home about 3:30. I'm gonna stuff some huge pork loin chops with my famous garlic, parsley, parmasan mixture and have Tom smoke em. YUM. Then we have last minute details for tomorrow's Halloween bonanza!

    I need to get some Vitamin C drops, everyone at school is sick or was sick.

    I'll have a huge bunch of pictures later this weekend from last weekend (pumpkin carving and decorating) and this weekend's party.


ColtonandJessica said...

=( I am one of the sickies!! haha. And you DIDNT sound stupid on Tuesday. No worries

Lady Blachly said...

Man I could eat up some Weinerschnitzel right about now. And it's only 9:00 in the morning. Maybe I'll wa
it a few hours...
I really really want to see your Halloween pictures. I'll be waiting with bated breath for that post.

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