Friday, October 10, 2008

We bought costumes today and a few other halloween decorations. We're adding a little each year. Here I am in my purple witch thingie. I'm going to add a wig, fish net stockings, and shoes.

And here's Tom with his scary cloak and his minions, Sasha and Goku, complete with scary eyes.

We have a lot of fun on Halloween. This is our third year doing it up. We make the house pretty scary. Here I'm just gonna paste from Tom's blog last year: "Did the usual small tombstones, spiderweb, lights and stuff. This year i found some severed heads on spikes. And for the scare factor, we rigged up some weed eater line from a tree to the corner of the house. On a pulley, i tied a demon bat thing, and attached to the pulley above the bat is 50 lbs. fishing line to the kitchen window to control it. Here is a video from my phone that explains it a bit more."

"At the entry way, i have an "angel of death" hidden, and after the kids get thier candy, it will drop infront of them. Last year everyone said we had the best house in Corinth. Some parents wouldn't let their kids come up cause they thought it was too scary."

So there you have it. This year we'll have more tombstones and I'd like to get some skeletons that look half buried, like they're coming up out of the ground. We found some today at Party City 2 for $25, but we had sticker shock from buying costumes. Amanda has been charged with the cake this year. I haven't decided about food yet. I might crock pot some beef or pork for barbecue sandwiches, then do chips and dips. Or I might go all appetizer, who knows. I usually make a sangria with white zin to drink.

I'm starting a new blog segment called "Clutter...EXPOSED!". Ideally I'll update every week, I think Friday is a good day for it. Basically, Tom and I are the king and queen of clutter, and I'm going to take a picture of some back-asswards thing we have laying around the house that's totally ridiculously placed or useless, then I'll either put it up, throw it away, or give it away. Today, I don't have to go very far to find something.

I'm not even gonna try to rationalize why I have off-brand Pledge on top of my printer paper in my office. I'll just stick my tail between my legs and put it up.


ColtonandJessica said...

Hahaha. Very niice. I love the clutter thing. =) And its cool about the class thing...Dr. Pepper Tuesday is worth it.

The O'Brien Family said...

cute costume Amber. Tom looks like a big black ghost hahahahahaha! You need the truly scary cat to complete that picture.

You are NOT the queen of clutter - I AM!!!!!! Don't try to steal our titles! I ,ay need to post a competeing section - I could post a clutter a moment from this house.

Lady Blachly said...

Man, I want to do clutter exposed, too! Haha, you started something! Our houses will certainly be exposed. The truth will be known! Bwahaha.

Amber and Tom said...

Tammy, being as you have children, I will secede my title and settle for the King and Princess of clutter. I guarantee you Tom is the King. You can be queen, but when I told Tom what I was going to do, I told him about this purple basket that's been sitting in our bedroom floor for months (my inspiration for clutter exposed), said I was going to throw it away, and he frowned and said, "I might have a use for that..." UGH! See what I'm up against??

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