Now THIS is a Christmas present!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I went outside this morning, and FINALLY, my fall veggies are putting out! Check out that broccoli! I am so excited! Most of the broccoli plants have broccoli now (the one pictured is the biggest), and the brussel sprouts all have tiny little sprouts on them. There is one cabbage plant that looks very close to having a head of cabbage. I can't believe it. I planted them in September and thought I must have done something wrong.

Our Christmas was pretty good. Sunday, we went to my parents house for the day. My sister and her family came over. We all drew names this year, which was nice because we didn't have to buy so many presents. My sister and I drew each other's name - she got me some pretty silver and black jewelry and a salad spinner. I got her a Wii Fit. :-) My mom also filled all our stockings with candy, Christmas socks, jewelry that she made, and Chapstick. LOL We had a great lunch, too much dessert, and played Pictionary afterward. It was a nice day.

We had my niece Miranda over for a visit Monday-Wednesday. Wednesday morning, Tom and I exchanged gifts. I got him a nice welder, and he got me some silicone cooking utensils, Mamma Mia DVD, a couple DS games (one is Personal Trainer Cooking, which is pretty sweet), and an IOU on my Dell Inspiron Mini 9, which we ordered yesterday after finding a good deal from Dell on it. I can't wait to get it in.

We had Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle's house - it went pretty well. Then we spent the night with Tom's parents and saw his niece and nephew get their Santa gifts. It was fun. At their house, I got a food processor from Amanda (woo hoo!) and a new slow cooker from the Chinese Christmas gift thingie. I am using the new slow cooker right now to make pulled pork for fight night tonight.

I am going over to my sister's today to try out that Wii Fit! Also, my niece got a trampoline, and I can't wait to jump on it. We are staying at their house tonight to watch the fights. They are going to be great! There are three "main events" (four if you count the pulled pork...)

We got to spend good quality time with both sets of family, and didn't really have to be in a hurry anywhere we went.

Who knows what we're doing for New Year's Eve - hopefully staying in! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!


Lady Blachly said...

Merry Christmas, Amba! Our White Elephant/Chinese gift exchange sucked this year. I am going to suggest either not at all or actual decent gifts next year. Some examples from this year...a male barbie dressed as a girl with a real live bull castrator, a really old crazy book on small scale farming, dancing duck, a really ugly stuffed animal,'s not even funny anymore a lot of the time. ANYWAY - happy New Year to you and Tom! Tell him I said what's up!

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