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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have so many pictures from our trip, I'm going to make separate posts over the next few days.

The drive into Port Aransas was pretty good. We hit traffic in Austin and San Antonio. When we got closer to Port A, our GPS told us to get on the ferry. Ferry! As in, drive your car onto a boat and go for a ride. :-O It was free. The ferry ride was quick. I was a little nervous - I saw that Grey's Anatomy episode with the ferry crash and I know how devastating it can be. Still, we rode the little ferry boats several times over the weekend, and I lived to tell the tale.

It wasn't long after checking into the hotel before we hit the beach. We brought our kayaks to Port A, but the first day was the only day with flat seas. But it was freezing! So, we didn't kayak the first day, and the subsequent days were too windy/wavy for good kayaking. What a bummer! We should've yakked when we had the chance.

The moon was really pretty during the sunset.

See all those jelly fish? All those little white round things? That was the first time I'd seen them in the wild before! *shudders* They were EVERYWHERE during the trip.

This is why we went to Port A. Tom won this $2500 fishing platform at Sharkathon this year, and we had to pick it up. This is Danny with DMR Services in Ingleside. He did a great job on the platform. Thanks, Danny!

Tom and I headed to PINS - Padre Island National Seashore. This is where they have Sharkathon every year. You pay $10 to get in, and it lasts you a whole week. You can camp there the whole time and not pay more than $10 a week. We could pull the camper down there and use the generator and be totally civilized. I think that would be cool to do someday. There was still a lot of debris that had washed up onshore from Hurricane Ike, but the beach was nice.

Check out all those pelicans!

Me and my lack-of-balance and heights-make-me-dizzy-ness made it up on that platform. Hi Tom!

This was the best catch of the weekend. A black drum, aka "big ugly". WTG, Tom!

You'd think we know what we're doing. Ha!

All weekend long, people would say, "You're gonna do some serious fishing, huh?" If only they knew...

We left PINS to check out some bay waters on the way back to the hotel. Caught a few little fish, but this was my favorite sunset of the trip.

Then I turned around, and there was a big red moon!
The next day was 40 MPH winds. It was nuts! Check out the rippled sand. Tom and I ate breakfast that morning at San Juan Restaurant. I had migas and Tom had a chorizo burrito, and along with 2 drinks and tip, it was $10. We would've spent that at Whataburger! It was awesome and cheap and fast. We ate there 3 times over the trip. We went for dinner one night, and the special was fajitas with shrimp for $6.99. And it was the best shrimp I've had in a long time. I wish more restaurants would go cheap!

I love birds! This one is having deep thoughts - staring out into the ocean and contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Hello, jelly fish.

Coming up in the next blog is our trip into Corpus Christi, where we toured the USS Lexington since it was too windy for fishing.
Tonight, we are going with my old boss to Stephan Pyle's restaurant downtown and to the Dallas Symphony Christmas concert. Then, we will officially have no money leftover for our anniversary. LOL I'm so looking forward to the fancy dinner/concert tonight!!


ColtonandJessica said...

your pictures are so beautiful and relaxing!! Looks like you had fun. Welcome back to the real world of work and such. Blah!

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