USS Lexington

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whew, if I don't get on it now, I'm about to get behind on my pictures! I haven't finished my vacation pictures, and I have my first family Christmas celebration of the year tomorrow!

We went to the USS Lexington, an aircraft carrier that was a big part of WWII, in Corpus Christi. I really loved this museum!

Tom found the WMD!

Even the bathroom was a mini-museum. It had all these recruiting posters targeted at women. Aren't they neat?

This is an actual flight simulator from back in the day.

The flight deck. I took a ton of pictures of Tom posing with the aircraft. He loves him some planes! I'll spare y'all, though.

Here is a replica of John McCain's airplane that he crashed in. If you haven't read his autobio, Faith of my Fathers, I recommend it. It's hard for me to understand how a person can go through all that and still be a functioning adult.

Tom is either doing the "$5 foot long" Subway commercial, or imitating one of those signaling people who direct decide.

We love guns!

I got a little Captain in me. (Not really...)

Just looks neat.

An FA-14, I think.

Blue Angel plane, what, an FA-18? Tom should really be writing this blog!

Now THIS is a job I could handle! The flags all stand for a different letter, and you fly them to send messages. Sweet.

Looking out from my captain's chamber.

At the helm!

In the captain's chair. Ahem, my chair.

The captain's quarters.

These were the stairs. Not a museum exhibit showing what the stairs look like, but the actual stairs you climb on aboard the Lexington.

It was hazardous to say the least. Tom nailed his head once so hard it made him nauseous.

Ready for a haircut in the ship's barber shop.

I want to print this out and hang it in my grandma's house. LOL

Of course I'm only interested in the food.

The dentist!


The sick bay.

Did you make it to the end??? It was so neat. There was a lot I didn't take pictures of. I highly recommend this museum!

And here we are Tuesday night after the DSO Christmas Concert. We clean up alright, huh? Also, today is our anniversary. Woot! Have a great weekend, folks!


ColtonandJessica said...

Happy Anniversary!! =) You look so pretty. That dress looks AWESOME with your skin tone and everything.

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