Happy December

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We've made it to December! I love Christmas. Thanksgiving, not so much. I could do without that one, really.
Tom's trip to Khristi's funeral went OK. He left Tuesday morning for Sealy, which is west of Houston. I slept so bad that night that at about 1am when I was still wide eyed, I drank a couple of beers, which eventually did help me sleep. Unfortunately I had to wake up at 6, but 4 hours was better than nothing. Wednesday, I went to the grocery store on my lunch break expecting a disaster, but actually, since it was noonish, it wasn't that busy and the store was very well stocked. The highlight of my day was finding Land O' Lakes butter on sale.
So back home, I started with my pies. I talked to Tom and he didn't think he'd be home in time for the Misfits concert at 8pm. So I threw on my PJs and started on the green beans. Then at 5pm, Tom said he was going to be there in time, so I rushed around getting dressed again, hopped in my car, and drove it to my sister's house where I was going to meet Tom and leave my car there for Black Friday. Rush hour on 635 E is no fun, especially the day before the holiday.
Anyway, I got to eat Taco Casa, which I only do in Garland, and we made it to the concert just a few minutes after the first band started. I couldn't shake my sleepy the whole night. Beer tasted nasty, 7 and 7 tasted nasty. I was too tired to drink, it was just running me further into the ground. The first 2 bands were OK, but not as fun as last year. The Misfits were good in their own little way. Meaning, they are terrible live, but it's fun anyway.
Turkey day, we got up early to head to my grandma's house in Paris. She announced that she isn't having Christmas Eve at her house anymore, so who knows what our plans are. I don't mind, I think at her age, if she doesn't want to host Christmas, she shouldn't. I'll go see her some other time of year. I'd rather see her one-on-one anyway! The food was good, the company was weird, and afterward, I went home with Danyelle so we could shop.
We napped from about 8-10pm and headed to Garden Ridge. We didn't leave Garden Ridge til about 1:30am...LOL. I got some new Christmas ornaments, a woman's gift for my family's Christmas, some coffee mugs, and who knows what else. Then we went to IHOP for a planning meeting. The food and coffee were great. Kohls opened at 4am this year. It wasn't so bad, really. They were extremely well-stocked, and I only saw a little bit of craziness. I got in line pretty soon because I had a kingsized reversible down alternative comforter ($24) I was tired of lugging around. People were desperate for carts, so they were finding people in the back of the line saying, "Hey, can I have dibs on your cart?" There was a lady raising hell at the front of the line, "I just had back surgery! This is RIDICULOUS! You need to fix this! People are STEALING CARTS!" OMG, did you really expect fairness on Black Friday? It's about strategy! Later, I was helping my sister, and that lady rammed me with her cart. LOL What a hoochie mama.
At Kohls, I also got a "cozy wrap", one of those blankets that you snap so it has arm holes. I really like it. And, of course, I got extra Christmas socks. My comforter rocks.
Then we went to Penneys, and nothing there really caught my eye. I was such a wuss this year, I couldn't stay awake. So after making sure I didn't need anything there, I checked out Dicks Sporting Goods and Staples, then I went to my sister's car for a nap. She and Jannelle came out not long after, we went back to her house, and I headed home. This was about 7:30am.
It rained like CRAZY on me in Lewisville. I almost pulled over because I couldn't see. When I got home, I saw Tom's Black Friday booty. He got us a new TV, a 52" Sharp Aquos. He also got me a top secret gift I'm giving to my sister for Christmas. He got the BB gun he's been wanting, and some misc. stuff like a new dog bed for Sasha, some fleece blankets, and some Bass Pro hoodies. Yes people, I now own a pink Bass Pro hoodie. I'm officially a redneck.
The new TV is AMAZING. I can't believe the HD. And I didn't realize how huge 52" is. I can't wait to watch the UFC fights on this bad boy.
I thought we were going to Edgewood right away, like leaving by 9:30am. But Tom said his family wouldn't be at his mom's house until evening, so we SLEPT. It was glorious! I put my new comforter on the bed and slept for a good solid 5 hours. Thank goodness, because I would've been totally useless without that nap. Then we headed to Edgewood, and had chicken and dumplings at Tom's parents' house along with some Thanksgiving leftovers. His uncle Tommy and aunt Sharon were there, too, on their way home from their daughter Khristi's funeral. It was nice to visit with them, I don't think I'd seen them since Amanda's wedding.
Saturday, Tom and I had a nice lazy shopping day. We slept LATE, went to eat at Cristina's about 3pm, and went to Target and Academy. Sunday, I put up the Christmas tree, and finally tried the Cookie Press that I got for Christmas last year. WOW, that thing works AWESOME! I didn't expect it to be so easy, and the cookies were delicious. I'm gonna go on a cookie rampage this weekend.
I also spilled coffee on my laptop this weekend. The keyboard is all wonky, I can't believe I've typed this entire thing without any issues. *sigh*
Today I'm playing hookie from school. Finals are next week, then we're leaving Thursday for Port Aransas. I can't wait to smell the saltwater.
So, hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good and that you're all ready for a fun Christmas season!


Lady Blachly said...

I love reading about what you've been up to. You're always running around having fun. Such a trooper. Way more than me. I was sleeping on Black Friday morning, then went to Canton. Saw a sign for Edgewood and waved to all your family there! ha.

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