Writer's Block

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have three papers to write. I have all the data, I have the beginning of lit reviews, I have every piece of the puzzle in my lap/inbox and all I have to do is synthesize it, spit it back out into Word, and write the stinkin' papers. It's my goal of the break to get these out. I didn't even do this research, but if I'll just write these papers before my boss does, she'll put my name on them.

It's so hard, though. It's hard to know where to start. Well, the beginning, right? In my psychology research methods class this semester, we turned in little bits of an APA manuscript throughout the semester, and I thought it was awesome to break down the process. It was much less intimidating that way. Still, it's tough.

The beginning isn't REALLY the best place to start though. The introduction with all the literature in it is the hardest part. Since the research is done, I'll start with the methods section and back into the introduction.

I just wanted to whine about it for a minute. Whine. How ridiculous. I'm whining, on the clock mind you, when I have three golden opportunities for publishing in my lap. Enough whining. I'm writing.

Jessica! Come do half of the work! LOL You know you want to!


ColtonandJessica said...

First..why are u doing this during winter break?!
second...awh poor thing.
Third...Nope!! =)
Lol. I miss you already tho.

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