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Monday, November 24, 2008

Before I officially clock in, so here's a bit of rambling.

Tom's cousin Christy passed away this weekend. We knew it was coming. She has MS and has been fighting cancer for several years. She's only 39. She has a husband and son - I don't remember how old her son is, but he must be about 12 or 13. I only met them once, at Amanda's wedding.

So unfortunately, Tom is probably going to miss Thanksgiving. Her funeral is Wednesday in Sealy, which is west of Houston. I offered to go, but he said I didn't need to. That's good because I have an exam and a paper due Tuesday, would've been hard to get out of that exam. Plus I would've cried through the whole funeral even though I don't know her, and that's embarassing.

In other news, I got my red dress in from Kohls Friday, and it is really nice, like I expected. I also got my Nintendo DS Lite bundle. It's ice blue and came with Brain Age. I was going to get one on Black Friday, but when it became available on ToysRUs.com, I bought it early so I wouldn't have to fight for it. It's really neat, I have Brain Age, Super Mario Bros (which I got for Tom's last year), and yesterday I bought Club House Games, which has 42 games like cards (blackjack, solitaire), board games (checkers, chess, etc), bowling, darts, mahjong, and a ton more. I've also been playing with a Final Fantasy game. Surprisingly, I like it. I always thought it'd be too hard.

So now it's 8...I don't have much left to say anyway, so I'll get to work.


ColtonandJessica said...

I'm so sorry about Tom's cousin and him missing Thanksgiving. =(
Now you can spend all of thanksgiving with your family. ;)
I totally would turn your paper in for you.
I'm glad you got your dress and DS. You should wear your dress to school tomorrow so I can see it. haha!
Have a good one, see ya manana.

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