Week in review

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am having a great week. I really like being in the upper-level psych classes because it gets to where you know the people in the classes, plus it seems like they take school more seriously. And they're so nice. Maybe it's a psych major thing. I don't know, I'm generalizing based on like, 6 people. LOL

Tomorrow is the McNair mentor recognition luncheon and poster presentation. I have a tiny speaking part in the luncheon and I'm a little nervous because I don't want to butcher any names or sound too "rote". Oh well, I'm just gonna go with it.

I'm watching Mr. Holland's Opus on WeTV right now. This is one of my favorite movies. Any band nerd would appreciate it. Tom is at Reade's doing the Fantasy Football draft. That's right, MY husband playing fantasy football. Ha! I love it. I actually like football so I won't mind if we watch more games this year. Still it's funny, if you know Tom.

School is OK but I think it's about to hit me hard. I went to my lab for Experimental Methods today and it's going to be a lot of work. I'm not sure about the instructor yet, it's his first time to teach the class, he's a second year grad student, and he's not very clear about assignments. He had typos in his syllabus and when someone would ask, he'd say, "OK, of course there are typos, you can figure out what I meant" like we're all a bunch of mind-readers. He didn't like having the typos pointed out! Who would, right? But still, give a clear answer!

My psych of marital adjustment instructor reads the slides to us. I HATE that. 3 hours of slide reading on a Tuesday night. :-S My developmental psych class I'm still on the fence about. The material is pretty dry so far. Eh.

Next weekend is Sharkathon. I invited my sister to come for the weekend (since Reade is going to Sharkathon too) and said she should invite Tammy, her best friend and really, she's my friend too, I love Tammy. It just feels weird to say she's MY friend instead of she's my SISTER's friend. Anyway, Tammy's going out of town, so Danyelle invited two people I don't know. Haha! They're welcome for sure, I'm really looking forward to a girls' weekend, but man, I have some cleaning to do. :-p We're having dinner Friday night and going to Grapefest on Saturday. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my sister.

But this weekend is Fight Night. Chuck Liddell is fighting, which should be fun! It will be the usual crowd, John, Kimberlee, and Greg. It'll be a good night of fights. :-)

So I really rambled today, but have a great week folks!


JessicaandColton said...

They tasted quite marvelous, but I am just a dork that can't read. I guess we will see about our lab teacher in the coming weeks. He did seem a lil' pissed when she pointed out his typos. If it were me, I would have just joked around with it. "Ya, we havea 13 hour class. Didn't they tell you?"
Have a marvelous weekend.

The O'Brien Family said...

You have to watch out for those grad students - a lot of times they grade strictly too. I did! Its some sort of power play :0)

When I refer to you I say "My friend Amber" so hey - I think I'm your friend too! Wish I were going to be here next weekend - grapefest with lots of wine could be a blast!

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