Do I have a rut coming on?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I don't think so, but man I am sleepy today. I guess it's the rain. I am skipping my night class tonight. I went to work today, walked to the union to get a salad, and sat down to eat it in my office. It was layered with chicken on top, tomatoes and cheese next, then the salad mix. I ate all the chicken first, then picked up a tomato to eat, and all the lettuce under the mater was bright yellow. Obviously I lost my appetite. :-( This, a day after I nearly had to go running out of class to the bathroom after eating chili at school. What the heck??? There aren't a lot of South Beach friendly options on campus, and I'm 0 for 2.

So I was feeling terrible all afternoon after eating lunch, and I took a peek at the syllabus for my research methods class to see, hypothetically speaking of course, what I would miss if I went home after work. "Ethics in Research". Bingo! I'm home. I would've had to sit through yet another lecture about, "OK, what does IRB stand for?" and "Why don't we inject people with syphillis without their knowledge anymore?" I don't know everything, but dagnabbit, I know IRB and research ethics.

I'm gonna be in bed by 8pm tonight. Mmmmmm!

Sharkathon is officially postponed til October, and girls' weekend postponed along with it, as Ike is supposed to keep us pretty wet all weekend. So now, I'm kinda unprepared for Tom's birthday (which is tomorrow) because he was supposed to leave at 4am Thursday morning. Whoops! I have a lot of ideas what to get him - he wanted a shop vac and he still might get one, but I'd rather get him something more interesting. We're going bowling/laser tagging.

Sooooo, nothing really exciting to share, but that's my week so far!


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