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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have a headache I think is caused by a toothache. I just noticed it all of a sudden but I don't have drugs with me and don't feel like walking to my car. That's what it's going to come to though...

I want to do another countdown.

1 hour before I get off my butt to get some excedrin out of my car.
1 day until my last class day before spring break.
2-4 days before I finally post Charleston and Irish Festival pictures up here. Here, settle for this. I did it in class last night.

6 days before our Tawakoni camping trip
21 days til my next conference presentation
22 days til the conference presentation right after that one
22 days until an education career fair at school where I hope to dazzle some school districts who may in turn hire poor uncertified me to teach math. LOL
29 days until I find out whether my proposal was accepted for the conference that I'm really interested in (I get to do a lot of research and get cool experiences with my mentor, mostly in special ed, but this is the one that REALLY means something to me. national association for gifted children)
48 days until I leave for Nashville for another conference
49 days til Danyelle joins me in Nashville to tear it up!
71 days til we leave for Colorado. Our longest, furthest away camping trip. The ultimate test of marital strength. *evil laugh*
98 days til a June conference presentation
105 days til Grandparents University
118 days til I leave for Spain, assuming they purchase my ticket soon!
127 days til I turn 25 in Spain
128 days til I return home to my loving husband as an official member of the "I've been to Europe and I'm 25" club.


The O'Brien Family said...

Grandparents University sounds like fun. Too bad Connor won't be 7 yet & my youngest niece is 13.

I don't think Danyelle can wait 48 days for a vacation. :0)

The O'Brien Family said...

oh my god!!!!! Face in hole is addictive! We've been having so much fun with that web site - all day long!

Lady Blachly said...

What's this about Spain?! Holy cow that sounds awesome!

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