Full disclosure

Friday, March 6, 2009

I just paid $6 to access the internet from my laptop here at the Charleston airport. My flight leaves in an hour...I assume they'll start boarding in 20 minutes or so. But I will probably wait til closer to take off to board. So it's the perfect timing for a blog-on-the-go.

My trip has been great. I am worn out! I will post pics eventually, but who knows when. I have meetings at school today, and tomorrow is the Irish Festival followed by the UFC fights. The Dean of Mean vs. Rampage! I am rooting for the Dean of course (Keith Jardine), but I hope he doesn't get demolished. He got knocked out a couple fights ago, and it was pretty heartbreaking. I just love that guy. I don't know why. He is a badass. Then I have homework and studying to do Sunday.

So anyway, full disclosure. My flight was delayed when I came to Charleston. They told us the flight attendant was late, they updated us later that they were trying to find her replacement, they found someone to take her place, then announced another delay because they needed to verify the pilot's ID. LOL! I'm thinking, do we REALLY need to know all this?!? I am one of those that isn't that concerned about the government keeping secrets from us because I am pretty happy in my bubble. But anyway, there was another flight that came in Wednesday with a bunch of people I knew/met at the conference. Their flight was delayed because they had to make repairs on the planes (rubber seals), and when they boarded, the plane was nose heavy, so they moved someone from front to back. We are on those tiny tincan American Eagle planes with 1 seat on the left, and 2 on the right. And they knew the girl who was moved and said she was tiny. So 100 lbs really makes a big difference?! You better offer me a stiff drink with my new seat if I'm moved because the plane is nose heavy.

Edit: They just changed our gate from B1 to "emergency exit stairs next to B2". Hahahaha!

So let this be the ironic post everyone refers to if my plane goes down today. And the cherry on the irony sundae can be that I'm studying for my death & dying exam on the plane. ;-) Love y'all and see you soon!


Lady Blachly said...

Good grief! Loved it!

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