All in a spring break

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am pretty worn out! We got back from an uneventful Tawakoni trip a few hours ago. I am mostly better, still congested, but no aches or fevers. I'll take it.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon, set up, took a walk, and I laid around while Tom went fishing for a little over an hour. The fishing stunk all week. We didn't try really hard, but we didn't want to have to. Oh well! We got to watch Lost, then that night the congestion train came to town and I thought I was dying. DYING. I woke up about 2am and could hardly breathe, so I moved to the living room (where the ceiling is higher and there is better airflow) and watched TV while feeling sorry for myself and trying to keep a hot towel on my face til about 5. The pain from behind my cheeks was intense, it felt like my face was about to explode.

But when Thursday morning came, I was feeling better. I know most people do feel worse at night than during the day when they're sick. I was happy for that. Tom and I went fishing a bit that morning. My antibiotic (which the doc prescribed as a sort of catch-all fix, even though she thought I had the flu?) made me sensitive to the sun, so my hands got burned even though I was wearing long sleeves. LOL, only me. We couldn't buy a bite, but we saw fish swimming by. *sigh* We gave up and took a trip to town. I was NOT going to spend another night without Nyquil. My parents came for a visit that evening and stayed for about an hour. It was my mom's birthday. Then we watched Hell's Kitchen, the news, and I went to bed in the living room. I slept like a baby and felt a lot better Friday morning. I don't know whether the antibiotic, Nyquil, or just good ol' time finally kicked it (whatever IT was), but I didn't want to waste time with one or the other.

Reade, Miranda, & Danyelle came Friday afternoon. We didn't do a whole lot waiting for them - Tom went to visit his parents, I laid around and watched a Lifetime movie (The Texas Cheerleader Scandal...LOL) and General Hospital, then we played Yahtzee til they arrived. Tom broke two model airplanes that day - one before he even flew it, and one he crashed while trying to land it. We played a little ladder ball. Then we watched the frakkin' series finale of Battlestar Galactica, and Tom and Reade stayed up late talking outside while me and Danyelle gave up at about 11:30pm.

My parents came Saturday afternoon for a visit - we had smoked brisket and pork loin, potatoes, corn, and beans. It was pretty awesome. I made my mom a birthday cake and everyone seemed to like it. It was the smoothest camping meal we have ever had - didn't forget anything, set off any alarms, overcook anything, etc.

We really didn't do anything different than we would've if we'd stayed home, but it was nice to get away, and it's nice to be back. I still don't feel like school has started this semester. It's half over, though! I'll be glad to get back to normal this week.


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