Saturday, March 28, 2009

WHY can't I get paragraphs on this post?! Is it because I changed my layout?? What's going on?! I'm sorry if it's hard to read...

This is from my sparkpeople nutritin tracker from the week, starting with Tuesday. I saw on TV the other day that when you eat the right foods, you need less of them. I think that sums up my week. See, when I have used Sparkpeople before to track my nutrition, I was stuck on Lean Cuisines, instant oatmeal, wine, etc. That's not to say I don't love my wine still, but my food diet has changed a great deal, I think from doing the South Beach Diet. I have always cooked, but I had to focus on whole foods, not relying on potatoes to fill up, and eating a ton of veggies instead.
So now that I am doing more of a "phase 3" diet (really just a traditional balanced diet), incorporating fruits and whole grains daily, I need to watch my portions more, which is why I am back on Sparkpeople. On phase 1, you can eat all you want, but on phase 3, I notice more poundage. The freedom of being on phase 3 is harder to manage - it didn't help that I ate blue bell ice cream everyday for about a week. LOL But overall, tracking my calories this week seems a lot easier than in the past. I still get to eat quite a bit of food because I've learned the right foods to eat.
Tuesday, I ate a McSkillet burrito combo meal, so even though I wasn't absurdly over my calorie count (I was too full, so I skipped lunch), check out that fat. 78 grams!!! For TWO meals. And I was on the low end of the protein spectrum. Point taken.
Wednesday was the only day I got enough calcium. I actually went over! It is because I had a cup of milk with breakfast, and a latte during my night class. I can't be using up all my calories on milk, though. So I am thinking about starting a multi-vitamin or something to get more calcium. I was over my calorie count that day by a bit. I usually eat four meals on Wednesdays - breakfast, something at noon before my workout, something at 4-5 before class, and something at 9 when I get home. Tom made manwich with ground turkey instead of beef (half the calories), and I ate it one whole wheat bread instead of the white buns (almost half the calories). Mmmmm.
Yesterday was a cool day. I had my yogurt and coffee for breakfast, a chicken fajita for lunch (leftover from the night before), and pot roast with mashed potatoes & cabbage for dinner, with a sprite zero with 2 oz. rum for dessert. You can see through the week how my calorie and carb count got progressively lower, which is good. I really like being able to eat potatoes with my pot roast again!
Speaking of cabbage, it was the cabbage from my garden, and this is what I did with it. It was great! Per one of the comments, I also added some sliced banana peppers. Good stuff. I'd like to add more bacon next time...I had the calories to spare on that meal.
Off to be productive!


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