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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, we halfway had a fall garden this year, with some cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. The sprouts and broccoli have pests, but we picked a cabbage today, finally. Look how beautiful it is! We're going to eat it tomorrow.

So, we got to thinking about our onions. These onions have been around for 3 years. They were my very first thing to buy and plant. We grew them in containers, and since we didn't use them all that year, we transplanted them to the ground the next year so they could get bigger. We moved them again when we made the raised beds last year, and there they sit. Remember last year when I planted these? Here, I'll paste it from my myspace blog:

"You've been warned. It's gross.

Well, I started my veggie garden today. Tom built me a tiered garden around our storm shelter mound. We put down weed barrier, and I began cutting out places for my plants and stickin' em in, one by one.

Making room for a nice little onion bulb, the dirt I was moving kept falling back into the hole, so I stuck my gloveless, happy-to-play-in-the-dirt hand in there to hold the dirt back, and pulled out something solid I thought must have been a clump old plant roots.

Until I saw the legs. I sat there in shock for a minute, then ran inside and yelled, "TOM! I just pulled a dead animal out of the garden!!!" Then I ran into the bathroom, whimpering in disgust, and scrubbed my hands.

Went back outside, and my laughing hero was chunking the intruder over the back fence. I asked if it was a mouse, and he said it was a MOLE. They must have killed it when they were tilling the soil with the garden claw a few days ago.

It was slimy. And on my HAND."

I had forgotten all about that until today. UGH. Anyway, those are the onions in question. So we figured they would be huge softball sized beautiful sweet and yellow, and we decided to pull the tallest, thickest one today. Tom prepares to do the honors.


It's a GIANT green onion!!!

Look how thick this thing is.

We're gonna rinse it anyway and we'll eat it tomorrow.

In the meantime...

I have so many pictures to catch up on - maybe I'll get some time on my big PC this weekend to upload them. This tiny laptop isn't great for working with photos. But anyway, there is our fall yield. LOL...


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