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Friday, July 31, 2009

I have not felt like blogging since I got back from Spain. To blog about Spain would be pretty time consuming. There are only two ways to answer "how was your trip?" One: "Awesome! Really awesome!" The other is to launch into a 2 hour long powerpoint presentation full of pictures and reactions. To do any less would be an injustice to the awesomeness of the trip. So, for now, let's stick with "awesome". You can see some pictures on Facebook, but not the Valencia ones yet, and I'll have an album of pics you can flip through in person should you so desire.

A person wiser than me explained that my recent depression may be caused or intensified by having just returned from Spain. I thought she was only talking about something she had experienced herself, but turns out post-vacation blues are not at all uncommon. I don't think I'd be so susceptible to it, or that it'd be this bad, if I weren't already cliff-hanging on Mount Depression before the trip. I know that life won't or can't continue like this forever, but since that fact doesn't change anything, I know I need to be patient and trudge through.

Just because I FEEL like I've been lying in bed for days on end, I haven't. Here is the rundown of interesting or exciting things in my life lately:

Ate at Cristinas with Tom after I got home. We saw Harry Potter the next day.
Bought Spanish cookbooks and began planning my wonderful Spanish food themed graduation party in my head (or I may just get a few buckets of KFC - plans aren't so easy to execute after a week of finals.)
Went to dinner with my sister and attended Heather's first Mary Kay event the next day.
Ate at Taco Diner and saw/LOVED 500 Days of Summer at the Angelika in Plano with Brenda and Co.
Made this and this (not together though), which were delicious.
Got a big fat data file formatted properly at work.
Jessica invited me along on her senior portrait extravaganza with her hubbie/photographer (this is probably at the top of the list.)
Going to see Funny People tonight with Brenda and Co.
Got our bills/medical stuff reorganized (a huge accomplishment)
Going to make homemade mayo this weekend.

What I haven't done:

Put up my suitcases
Clean my house
Put away my laundry

But that's on the agenda for this weekend. It's my first free weekend since I've been back, and my last one for a while. We are headed to Beavers Bend with the family August 20th. School starts the following week. Seriously.

Next semester, I'm taking psychological measurement, psychophysiology, and two special problems (independent study) courses about math instruction and inclusion/co-teaching. I'll be actively seeking my alternative certification to teach math, and I'll be applying to grad school. This is a much bigger task for most of my McNair peers - I am only applying to UNT for a master's degree, so it should be pretty simple and I can't imagine being denied acceptance. Most importantly, next semester, I'm graduating! And full-time income is my light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


The O'Brien Family said...

glad your blogging again - I've missed keeping up with your business.

Sounds like you are one busy momma. Think you need some down time with a glass of wine & a bubble bath???

Lady Blachly said...

I can't believe you're so close. Good job, sister.

Can't you just imagine how different the world would be without depression? It's crazy. What did they do before lexapro, anyway?

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