When real life attacks

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did you know that billions of people were out living their lives while Tom was in the hospital? Believe it or not, even time passed. It feels like we should've reentered the real world on the date of March 30, the day after the accident. Heck, when Greg and I took him to the ER, we thought they'd give him a couple of stitches and send him home with me on a concussion watch, waking him up every couple of hours or so. And life would've resumed fairly normally the following week.

But today I found myself writing May 13, 2009 on my final exams, and it hit me. I now have less than TWO months before my trip to Spain. Right? This isn't one of my "brain injury by proxy" moments, is it? June is after May, July is after June, and I leave July 8th. :-)

And there are plenty of things to do in the meantime, including figuring out what Tom will do while I'm gone and one conference presentation in June. Oh, and my boss finally started emailing me work to do. It feels really good. A lot of being a research assistant is self-directed getting stuff done, but I am so lost, and it's good to have an inbox full of things to do so I can get back in the groove.

I have one more final Friday morning, then I'm finally done with finals.

Tom is doing pretty good. My parents lent us an exercise bike and a Total Gym that we picked up on Sunday, and Tom is all over that bike. Total Gym is still hard for him. But he's done 30 minutes on the bike everyday since we've had it. He is really motivated to get stronger so he can walk normally again...I'd even say he's more motivated physically than cognitively right now. Oh well, he's not off the hook on retraining his brain, too. :-) I made him a schedule because my big worry has been that he wouldn't accomplish much when I start working more because I guide him through a lot right now. But the schedule includes everything he is supposed to be doing everyday, and it's not at all overwhelming, so I'm optimistic.


The O'Brien Family said...

Spain! Yahoooooo! You need a vacation sweets

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