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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things are calming down a bit over here. I have a good handle on my to-do list (or so I think!)

Last Friday, I surprised Tom with tickets to see Star Wars in Concert at the new Cowboys Stadium. We also went with my SIL Amanda. My car broke down on the way to pick her up, which kinda put a damper on the evening, but we still had a good time!

OK, this picture will not upload correctly. So pick up your monitor and lay it on its side.

Sunday, my friend Jessica and I went to have some "graduation pictures" done around campus. It was a lot of fun! Funny story of the day, though. I got what I thought was some pretty lip gloss at the store, a little brighter than what I normally wear, and put it on. Turns out it was like super stick never go away lipstick, so when I wasn't really comfortable with the BRIGHTNESS, I tried to wipe it off, and nothing. I tried scrubbing it with soap and water, and nothing! I was stuck with my ruby red lips all day. And it turned out OK even though NOT in my comfort zone...LOL! It took using my eye makeup remover at home before it finally came off!

Oh what am I going to do without Jessica? I mean, I know I'll still see her here and there. We don't have any classes together this semester, but I still see her every couple of weeks or more. I hope she ends up back at UNT for grad school! That would be convenient for me, and it's all about me, you know.

Then Tuesday, we had our "family" pictures taken. Oh yeah, all of them are by Jessica's husband at sixfourteenphotography.com. :-) There are more pictures there, but I'll post all my favs once I get the DVD!

Made it through the week, even took Friday off and got a TON done at the house. Cleaned out the closet and did a ton of laundry. I have been fighting allergies all week. :-(

Yesterday was Halloween at Amanda's house. We relocated the shenanigans this year thinking there would be more trick or treaters. And there were, but they weren't as fun as our trick or treaters. Some of them wouldn't even say trick or treat! :-(

Amanda's scrubbed in to finish the chili pie.

He doesn't believe a word I'm saying.

Emma and Alex...LOL

I'd like to see YOU get 3 costumed kids to stand still for a picture. Emma tried. Thanks Emma!

The Ellisons. Did my in-laws take the cake with costumes or what? Emma can't even tear her eyes away from Don. LOL

It was a good time. And now it's November and time for it to get dark at 5pm! :-( We're headed to St. Louis next weekend, but not before I tackle 2 exams. Should be a good week, and the weather is looking awesome!! Hope everyone's enjoying this gorgeous fall weekend!


The O'Brien Family said...

you graduating girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love that you took pics around campus - I did that too. Looks like some fun halloweening with your fam - you & Tom need a costumed little Ellison to complete it though!

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