Whew it's over!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My parents came in Friday night. We put Goku in our bedroom so he wouldn't harass my dad on the pull-out sofa. That stinkin' cat kept us up all night. Tom flung him off the bed at 4:30am and he landed on Sasha, and Sasha yelped. That was the end of sleeping for me! I got up, turned on the coffee pot, and played on the PC for a bit until my dad finally woke up.

We left at 7:30 so I could be there by 8am. It was a long hour before the 9am ceremony started. Once we all lined up, we just stood around waiting. Bleh.

And here are the pictures. This one would've been great if it weren't fuzzy! This is me getting my flower - apparently they don't want to shake hands during flu season.

I am really focused on NOT falling. LOL

Me and Jessica - finally done!!

Me and Danyelle

Me and Jessica again!

Tom taking a picture of us while my mom is taking a picture.

Me and my parents.

So, after graduation, we put my enchiladas in the oven and had a delicious tex-mex lunch before exchanging some Christmas gifts. My mom brought me a graduation cake and a beautiful dozen red roses. :-) I'll post more pictures when I get them!

It was a good time! I slept like a baby last night, and now my niece and I are off to spend a little of my graduation and Christmas gift cards.


Lady Blachly said...

Sniff sniff, it's been such a pleasure watching you complete this journey. ;) So happy for you! Can't imagine what it must feel like to have that under your belts. I'll join you academics someday. Or not. (If they had a bachelors program non specialized and just a culmination of a hundred and some hours...I'd be in.)

P.S. LOVE that first pic of you and Jessica!

Tammy Benson-O'Brien said...

What an awesome accomplishment! so proud of you!!! You rock :0)

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